Mortar Pointing and Fretting Mortar

Mortar Pointing some times refered to as,Re pointing,Brick pointing ,Tuckpointing and Repointing is a process of replacing damaged mortar between bricks. The problem usually occurs aroiund ground-level joints where moisture is drawn up and passed through your damp course — (a roll of bituminised felt that is laid in the bottom courses around finished floor level) A damp course is placed to stop moisture rising through the bricks or mortar. Unfortunately, over time the damp course can break down, thus letting moisture rise damaging bricks and mortar. Gravity stops moisture rising higher than a meter up your brickwork, so if there is evidence above one meter, the problem is coming from another source, such as leaking gutters, driving rain, leaking pipes etc.

if left the mortar between your bricks can completely fall out and this in turn will dislodge the brickwork leading to major structural damage.

How do we fix it?

First, we find the cause of the problem. The damaged mortar is then removed to a depth of around 20/25mm using specialist equipment and the cement joint is then washed? blown out and then carefully mortared. We make every effort using oxides to match the original colour — this is where the skill lies. After this, the wall is washed down, and the surrounding areas are cleaned.

BricksfixWA have 35 years experience in mortar pointing.



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