limestone repairs and restoration


Limestone Repair and Restoration.

We use our specialist hot wash machine to clean the limestone to remove staining before we start the re pointing process and restoration on the limestone.This removes mold and staining from the limestone face,it is an important procedure of the limestone repair.This will can bring the stone back to the original brand new look.Care has to be taken not to remove the face of the limestone.

We then carefully chop back the mortar or the lime joints to depth of around 40mm. The joint is then again jet washed to remove any loose debris,this is essential to give a good key for the new mortar or lime.

when re pointing limestone it is very important to achieve the correct mix as problems can occur if the mix is to strong,this can result in the face being blown off the limestone.we have extensive knowledge in different mixes and products.

The mortar is then coloured using various methods either by mixing different coloured sands or oxides and applied to the joint.

The joint than can be etched and left to your desired finish leaving a complete new look and restoration to your wall.

we have over 35 years single experience (not the combination of all our employees )in this area of limestone repair ,limestone re pointing and restoration.

sealers can be applied that seal and bind the limestone but still allow it to breath .

finally we leave your home or property spotless.