Professional Brick And Mortar Repairs.Experts in Brick Restoration.

We are tradesmen specialising in every aspect of brick wall repairs, brick restoration and brick and mortar repairs in Perth . Working with bricks and mortar for over 35 years, we bring insights and expertise that can only be gained through experience, we specialise in a wide range of areas including mortar pointing, brick replacement, crack repairs, lintel replacement, limestone repointing, damp course repairs, brick wall repairs and general brickwork repairs.

we are a smaller company with a persoanl touch where you deal with the same person from inspection to completion.

we offer free no obligation quotes and our prices are amongst the most competitive in Perth.

Covering Every Aspect Of Brick And Mortar Repairs

Cracked wall Repairs


Reintroduce structural integrity and smooth out your brickwork with our seamless crack stitching. As approved installers of crack repairs systems we are qualified to handle all your crack repairs commercial or domestic. We only use products supplied by the manufacture and carefully follow their installation procedure.

Brick wall Repair


Combat the effects of salt migration and stop your brickwork crumbling overtime by replacing the bricks and mortar. We take great care in selecting a close as possible match when bricks and mortar have fretted and need replacing, our brick matching is second to none covering the whole of Western Australia.

Lintel Replacement


We use special props to support the brickwork while, rusted and damaged lintels are replaced during lintel replacement ,we then replace with new galvanised lintels.Over time none treated lintels can double in size ,when this happens the bricks above will lift causing structural damage to your property.

Chimney Repair


Whether it’s a complete rebuild or a partial repair, we take great pleasure in restoring rundown chimneys to their former glory. We have extensive experience in this area from the fireplace to the chimney and to the pots themselves which we can have made .We donated this chimney to Kalamunda History village.

Rising Damp


Firstly, we will identify the cause, most commonly the damp course has broken down. This is usually an asphalt strip installed during construction at finished floor level. Over time the dampcourse breaks down and allows water to rise through it. We can install a physical damp or inject a new damp course to rectify the problem

Heritage Brickwork


Carefully replace heritage brickwork without disturbing the building’s original aesthetics. Marcus is very proud of some of the heritage brickwork he has done all over the world. He has extensive knowledge in this area leaving an invisible finish, We believe if the job has been done properly, you should not be able to tell.

Wall Alterations


From the smallest opening ., we can manage everything with the upmost care from inspection to inspiration.

Our qualified tradesmen can handle every aspect of your project leaving. your home or property finished to the highest quality and spotlessly clean.

Mortar Pointing


If the mortar between your bricks has started to breakdown and fall out, we can replace it with a finish that matches the existing work. We make every with mortar repairs whilst using different mixes of sand, cement, oxides or lime. We have extensive experience in this area and can advise you of the cause of your problem.

Our experience with BricksFixWA has been extremely positive. Marcus has demonstrated great care in protecting our existing home during the building process — we have been so impressed with BricksFixWA and our completed building project.
— Maxine, Lesmurdie

You’re In Great Hands

As an owner-operator of a Perth based company, we take great pride in our finished work, as well as the journey that gets us there. At BricksFixWA, you’ll always receive personal service without the hassle of dealing with multiple people. Every project is quoted, completed, and overseen by business owner, Marcus, so he can ensure you and your home looked after.