Big Or Small We Do It All! Every Aspect Of Brick Restoration.

With extensive knowledge in residential and commercial brickwork repairs, we provide brick repair solutions you can rely on in Perth and the whole of Western Australia.

Cracked Wall Repairs

Cracked brickwork not only looks rundown, but affects the structural integrity of your home, and can be dangerous if left unchecked. We have a range of repair systems available depending on the cause and placement of the crack. First, we’ll identify and rectify the cause, which could be due to poorly-laid foundations, impact, corrosion, vibrations, and many more reasons. Once we’ve determined that cause, we’ll get to work using the best repair method for the job, and prevent cracks from happening again.

Fretting Mortar

A fretting brick is a brick that has had its face worn away by elemental damage and been deteriorated. The good news is, fretting bricks and mortar can be replaced. We use specialist tools to cut out the bricks, making sure that the structure is safe as we do so. Once the brick has carefully been removed as a whole, a new brick that has been selected to match the original is mortared in and mortar pointed to match the original colour.

Lintel Replacement

Steel lintels if left uncared for can actually grow up to twice or more their original size. If let over time without regular treatments, steel lintels can suffer from oxidation. When this happens, the rusted lintel will displace the brickwork above. To combat this, we can use the appropriate method to replace your rusted lintel, rusted arch bar, and so on. The most common technique is through specialist acrow props that are used to hold up the brickwork above, whilst the damaged rusted lintel is replaced.We then, carefully replace the brickwork and mortar to a colour to match the surounding mortar.

Signs of lintel damage are rust to the lintel, cracks in the brickwork and internal cracks. Properties on the coastline are more prone to oxidisation due to salt in the air.

BricksFixWA have 35 years single experience in replacing rusted steel window lintels.

Mortar Pointing

Fretting mortar is the breakdown of the mortar between bricks, it can appear flaky and is very soft. Missing mortar and constant sweeping up of dust can also be can be common signs you have fretting or damaged mortar. Various elements that may of have caused fretting, such as the mortar not being mixed properly at the time of original build, salt erosion, elemental damage, faulty gutters, and more. A common cause of mortar damage can be chemicals (detergents) added to mortar in during construction, over time in combined with moisture can be detrimental to the mortar.

Mortar pointing is necessary to protect your home. If left unmanaged, the brickwork itself starts to break down and fall away the wall causing many problems. Luckily, fretting mortar is easy to fix for our experienced trades, finished to match the existing undamaged mortar.

Heritage Brickwork Perth

We understand the rich history heritage buildings provide and pride ourselves on expertly restoring them brick by brick. Our tradesmen carefully replace heritage brickwork without disturbing the building’s original aesthetics for a flawless finish. Business owner, Marcus, has experience with heritage-listed restorations and repairs all over the world. Some of his projects have included work on buildings that are over a century old. In every job, BricksFixWA work with as much care as was used by the original tradesmen.

Wall alterations Perth

Wall alterations are perfect for a range of requirements. Our expertise in this area means we can blend new window or door openings — by incorporating arches or other details — with the existing look of your home for a seamless integration.

Damp Course Repairs

A damp course is a plastic or felt barrier that is inserted on or around finished floor level during construction. Through capillary action water can rise from the ground into your brickwork causing internal and external problem. Due to gravity, rising damp will only rise one meter; if you have damp in areas higher than this, other factors need to be looked at, such as leaking gutters. BricksFixWA have extensive experience in damp course replacement, treatments, and cavity trays.

Cavity Tray Installation

A cavity tray prevents water buildup in brickwork (which can lead to structural damage) by letting water pass through itself preventing water build up in the cavity, which can lead to internal damp problems. It stops dampness permeating the internal skin of a wall. If you’re experiencing cavity tray failure, one of our tradesman can remove minimal brickwork above your lintel, examine the damage, and install a new tray. The bricks that were carefully removed are then replaced.

Concrete Cancer Repairs Perth

If steel reinforcement bars are placed incorrectly during construction, water can soak into the concrete causing the steel to rust. This then displaces the concrete surround it, cracking it as a result. This is commonly referred to as “Concrete Cancer”, and signs include cracking, flaking, rust stains, or render bubbles. To rectify this, the concrete is removed, all rust is removed and the steel is treated and waterproofed. A specialist concrete is then applied and rubbed down leaving the desired finish. 

Chimney Repairs And Fireplace Repairs

The fireplace is one of the most distinguished features of the home, bringing character and warmth to your space. But, fireplaces can be hazardous if not maintained, just as leaning or crumbling chimneys can be. To ensure your fireplace is safe, functional, and looks great, we’ll inspect the interior and exterior of your fireplace and chimney to determine what repairs need to be done. Then, we’ll restore your fireplace and chimney to their former glory.

 Other Services Include

  • Brick Replacement

  • Tuck Pointing

  • Dampcourse Injections

  • Dampcourse Replacement

  • Brick Tie Replacement

  • Limestone Cleaning

  • Opening Formation

  • Bricklaying and Plastering

  • Stone Pointing

  • Arch Bar Replacement

  • Mortar Restoration

  • Federation Tuckpointing

BricksFix WA have provided extensive building knowledge and experience, strong work ethics and integrity, as well as highly skilled, hardworking, conscientious, polite, and dedicated tradespeople. Their cost-effective approach and rigorous oversite gave impeccable results. We would not hesitate in recommending BricksFixWA for any building project.
— Sharon, Sawyers Valley