Lintels replacement and lintel repairs

Bricksfixwa have 35 years experience in lintel replacement and opening formation .We have extensive experience in replacing rusted lintel and damaged lintels.

Lintels are steel supports that are positioned over openings (such as windows). They can be a flat bar, arched, T barred or a simple L shape lintels.

In days gone by, it was not common practice for lintels to be galvanised — presently, any lintel going into or holding brickwork should be galvanised. Galvanisation is a protective coating that prevents rusting and causing structural damage. If lintels are left untreated, especially where inserted into the brickwork (bearings), oxidisation can start. In severe cases, this may cause the lintel to double in width, which will lift, and in certain situations damage the above and surrounding brickwork. Properties close to the coast are more at risk to rusted or damaged lintels.


If you think you require lintel replacement or have damaged brickwork above your openings please call us for a free quote on top quality lintel replacement by qualified experts.

How is Lintel Replacement Done?

Specialist props called acrow props are used to secure and hold the weight above the rusted or damaged lintel. The brickwork is then carefully removed brick by brick and a new galvanised lintel is carefully installed. The brickwork is then carefully replaced and packed so that when the props are removed, the structure is left secure. Rusted lintels should not be overlooked then will lift the brickwork above causing serious structural damage.

The mortar joints are then repointed in a colour to match the surrounding brickwork.

Rusted and Damaged Arch Bars.

Arch bars are a rounded lintel that are commonly found in older properties ,They offer support to arches above windows. As with any lintel that oxides ,it is common to see these snap the above arch. The same procedure is used to remove and replace the damaged or rusted arch bars. Bricksfixwa HAVE 35 YEARS SINGLE EXPERIENCE IN ARCH BAR REPLACEMENT.

T Bar Lintels

A TBAR lintel is so called because it looks like an upside down T. They are common over garage openings and usually carry heavier loads. A TBAR is specially designed to carry two skins of brickwork. A tbar is used quite commonly in arch removal where a customer requires the arch removed and a more modern flat opening. BRICKSFIXWA HAVE 35 YEARS SINGLE EXPERIENCE IN T BAR REPLACEMENT.

Brick lintels.

A brick lintel is made up from a combination of brick, steel and concrete, Brick lintels are used mainly where you intend to render after. Internal and external openings usually have a brick lintel over them. BRICKSFIXWA HAVE 35 YEARS SINGLE EXPERIENCE IN BRICK LINTEL REPLACEMENT AND WALL REMOVAL

Fabricated lintels.

Bricksfixwa can have any lintel made to suit your requirements here in Perth.

How can you tell if you need your lintels replaced?

Please call for a free inspection is your lintels or brickwork have any of these tell-tale signs.

  • Does the brickwork on top of the lintel have cracks in it?

  • Is the lintel covered in rust and are there rust stains down the brickwork?

  • Has the lintel increased in size?

  • Are the bricks and mortar above the lintel fretted?