We have had a really busy month at BricksFixWA.

The team have completed some very nice work all over Perth.

Mortar Pointing seems to have kept us really busy, some lovely work was done at Coogee as well as some rebuilding of walls. We were very pleased to be asked to do several jobs around the area. Customers were impressed by the quality of the mortar pointing and we were really proud of some of the comments we received, — “looks like a brand new wall”, one neighbour commented, “nice job”, by another!

Crack stitching was done in Woodbridge. The customer commented that “we did a fantastic job and the crack wasn’t visible!”.

Lintel replacement was another service high on our list this month. We did several jobs but the one that stood out for us was one in Redcliffe — several lintels were replaced, air bricks replaced, mortar pointing, opening formation, and limestone pointing. We also did alterations, wall removal, limestone pointing, and bricking up of doorways to a new estate agents in Morley.

We also transformed a house in the foothills by removing a wall to double the size of the kitchen — our carpenter fitted a beautiful kitchen. The customer was pleased as punch and told us they would have no hesitation recommending us.

BricksFixWA’s biggest and best news is… we are now registered installers of Thorhelical Systems. This means we are recognised by Thorhelical to install all their brick repair systems, such as crack stitching. We also added a new tool to our collection that vastly improves the speed of our work, and most importantly, reduces the amount of dust created through crack stitching, mortar pointing, replacing bricks, wall removal. We are very proud to have a great working relationship with Arbortech — why not check out some of their product


What a busy month that was!

We finished the property in Belmont which was fairly extensive. Brickwork, mortar pointing, air vents, plastering, rendering, lintel replacement, and limestone repointing were all done on this property. The brickwork renovations are now complete and the house looks great — the clients themselves worked on this project and the outcome is quite stunning.

We also finished the works for Peter Kolhm Real Estate. The works that were completed there were mortar pointing, brick replacement, limestone pointing ,brickwork, and limestone pointing. Peter was a joy to work for and his new offices are coming along beautifully. We wish Peter every bit of luck and are sure he and his clients will enjoy the office space.

A new opening in an existing fireplace was the call for us in Greenmount. We secured the original fireplace and chimney to raise the height of the arched lintel. The new opening is fantastic and looks a hundred years old to match the original.


BricksFixWA have had a fantastic start to the year. Mortar pointing has taken up most of our time so far this year in Malaga, Belmont, and Maida Vale. We also did quite a large job in Fremantle, replacing lintels and T-bars. This contract had extensive brick repairs and repointing of some brickwork. During the works, we discovered that some of the wall ties had completely rotted. BricksFixWA are qualified installers of all Thorhelical systems and are currently installing drywall ties.

Well, long may it continue — we hope to have a busy 2019!